I’m Moving – Mid-Michigan + Central Florida


Grace Carey Photography

May 7, 2021

I have been SO excited to share this fun and exciting announcement with you all!! I’ will soon be both a Mid-Michigan + Central Florida wedding and portrait photographer!

This past Saturday was college decision day! And I’m popping the confetti because I made my decision on pursuing Ministry & Business Management at Southeastern University in Florida! I made the announcement to friends & family, but you’re apart of my life, too! So I figured that I ought to post about my move and expansion here! I am seriously SO excited for all of these new opportunities ahead of me! Socially, spiritually, and business wise.

Just because I’m going to school in Florida, does not mean I’m done in Michigan! During summer, Christmas, Thanksgiving and spring break, I will be up in Michigan. Otherwise, I’ll be living the college life down at SEU, being apart of the “fire fam”!

I’m SO excited to meet so many new people in Florida! And start serving and celebrating the people of central Florida, too! The more celebrations and confetti popped, the better! I feel so blessed to be going to this school and experiencing the Floridian life. And I can’t wait to take you all on this journey with me (virtually)!

I won’t be gone forever

So this means, for my Michiganders, I will only be in Michigan until Mid-August! I will in fact still be doing sessions during the summer. I can’t imagine never coming back home, so no worries there. Michigan will always be at the core of who I am. Plus, during breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring), I will also be taking sessions in my home state of Michigan! I especially can’t imagine not helping celebrate the Class of 2022! So be sure to schedule your celebration session as soon as possible! So that I can help serve you before I’m all booked up and then headed down for Florida until Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to be your Mid-Michigan and Central Florida photographer!

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