Senior Prom 2021


Grace Carey Photography

June 5, 2021

This past year has been absolutely crazy for the class of 2021. They finally had a well deserved prom, that was at least partly “normal”. I had the pleasure of helping celebrate these soon-to-be graduates by photographing a friend groups’ prom photos and it was sure an adventure!

One of my #GCPSenior’s, Collin, asked me to help celebrate him and his buddies for their first and last prom. So I obviously said yes, because I can’t help but love serving my seniors! So we went to the Michigan State Capital and it was just absolutely gorgeous! The plan was to stay outside on the steps and capture some super fun memories. But we ended up inside and there are no regrets to that adventure!

A few years ago, Collin and his family had a tragic loss of their father to cancer. Which makes this moment with his uncle at senior prom even more sweet and sentimental. A moment that brought a few tears to my eyes. Collin’s uncle came up to us while we were outside and gave Collin a big hug and continued to fix his tie for his big senior prom. With Collin’s uncle working at the capital, it made that location and day even better!

A quick shout out to the seniors of 2021, all of the kind father figures in children’s lives, and especially cops. Myself and many others and humbled and grateful by the selfless service our cop heroes bring into this world. Thank you officers for dedicating your lives for the safety of others, you deserve all the celebration!

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