Kat & Jared | Backyard Wedding | Lansing, MI


Grace Carey Photography

July 2, 2021

Cue the confetti for Mr & Mrs Shupe!!

A backyard wedding that would be straight out of the Notebook is exactly what Kat & Jared’s special day reminded me of. The past couple of weeks in Michigan, were rain. Literally. Nothing but rain in the forecast. Being a bride, I would imagine, that would be absolutely horrifying to see the day before your wedding. That the whole day of the day you get once in a lifetime, is filled with rain. But the morning of Kat’s wedding, she texted me “Today’s the day! I’m so excited, even though it’s raining the show must go on!” Kat and Jared made the day seem sunny with how stunning both their wedding tent that was pulled last minute. But even more because of how beautiful the star couple were!

Before their sweet ceremony, they had a first look and I don’t think there are any regrets for that! Jared’s eyes filled with love, staring into his soon to be bride’s eyes before their big moment. Just as emotional as the real ceremony, it was all just absolutely perfect. After the sweet ceremony then sneaking off for pictures in the rain, the toasts (including literal toast, shoutout to Jared’s best man for that laugh of bringing a literal toaster), and the delicious food.

Then came the first dances that even brought tears to my eyes. The Daddy Daughter dance is always (one of my many) favorite parts. Kat & Jared’s wedding was no exception, as Kelly and his sweet baby girl danced then Jared and his sweet mom. That both brought a few tears to many eyes, including my own. And Kat and Jared had their first dance as Mr & Mrs to Bloom by The Paper Kites. Too sweet guys, too sweet.

Kat & Jared, thank you allowing me the opportunity to serve you for your special, once in a lifetime day. It was beautiful, just like the two of you. You two are part of the reason that the job I love, feels nothing like a job. You both are such joys to be with. I hope that this isn’t the last time that I can help celebrate you!! You both are the sweetest of humans and the epitome of what true love looks like. For one another, and others. Thank you for being so extremely flexible with having a rainy wedding day. I love you both!!

Grace <3

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