West Family Session | Lake Louisa State Park | Clermont, FL


Grace Carey Photography

November 22, 2021

One of my favorite parts of being self-taught with photography through a couple known as “Amy & Jordan Demos” is the fact that I also joined a community of fellow photographers. Including Dayna and her sweet family of soon-to-be four! What an honor it was to be able to help serve and hang out with the West family for the first family session that they have had in years. It was also my first session since I have gotten down to Florida for school, and I would rather have it with no other family. And the fact that Dayna is also a photographer, and fangirling over lighting is great, but having someone else to do it with, made it even more fun!

Minutes before our session, it was raining. But what else would one expect in the Sunshine State, haha! The rain had cleared up JUST in time. At the very end, the sun peaked out and Dayna and I KNEW that it was time to get some more gorgeous shots of her beautiful family. I cannot get over it and I am SO thankful for that weather. It was a bit tick-infested of an area and it was a bit gloomy at first. But the West family was shining plenty on their own and were absolute troopers.

West Family, it was such a joy getting to hang out with y’all! Most of all, I really hope that this isn’t the last time. If I were to define my ideal family session, you guys would be it, your joy is contagious! The lighting was so perfect, and so were you guys. Hugs, Grace 🙂

My roommate wanted to say something on this blog post, too:

Hey hey everyone! I’m bekah, graces roommate. Hehe we are the same person and it is a fun time. Y’all should follow grace and have her be your wedding photographer because she’s absofruitly amazing. Ok that’s all. Byeeee!

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