Charlie & Lexi


Grace Carey Photography

January 18, 2021

Weather warnings on the morning of a session are usually bad signs of the following evening. But not during this lovely couple’s session!

I asked Charlie and Lexi if they wanted to reschedule after I went driving the morning of the session in some crazy snow. But the glass half full response, that I’m so happy about, was we’re still willing, it could be cute! And that’s exactly what it was! Enduring in the cold temperatures, wind and snow was exactly what this sweet couple was ready for! And that is any photographers favorite kind of client!

Charlie and Lexi have been married for a little over two years now, but their love is timeless. It really shows in these sweet sweet photos from our session! Lots of laughs and eye rolls were shared and exchanged! Those are the best kinds of sessions! They are true pros in front of the lens, if you couldn’t already tell!

This is just my first of many blog posts! I can’t wait to share with you all the rest of the fun sessions I have over the upcoming months and years! And even highlights of the year 2020!

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