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Grace Carey Photography

February 26, 2021

Hey there! Welcome to the blog! I am SO psyched that you’re here right now! I have posted once so far, but I want to introduce myself a little bit then start giving you lovely folks some more fun content!

That’s me, Grace Carey! I love Jesus, my cats, and the color yellow. Oh and if you know me at all, you also know that I am a HUGE Disney World junkie! My dream internship is to go down to WDW for the college program and to work as a photopass cast member! Princess movies keep me going, and I can’t forget to mention the music in those movies. My senior prom dress was even based off of Cinderella’s ball gown! I could go on about Disney for quite some time, but let me tell you a few more fun facts about myself!

I. Love. People. I feel a bit creepy saying that, but I really do love people and making new friends. I will gladly be best friends with just about anyone. If there was one word to describe me, I think I would say bubbly. You’ve got a friend in me as Randy Newman would say (Disney reference, oops). I would say that yellow being my favorite color makes sense for my bubbly personality. Even though, you would never guess that I love yellow so much due to the fact that I wear, breathe, and sleep in whites, grays, and browns (hence my website and photo style).

I also love traveling! No matter how close or far, I long to to travel. My favorite place that I have ever been to (other then Disney) is for sure souther France. Their delicious food alone wins my heart forever. Other than traveling, my time is taken up with Jesus, friends, my business, and school. I’m currently studying elementary education at Michigan State, despite the fact I don’t give a single crap about what’s happening in football or basketball (other than March Madness). And that basically sums up my life as a college student making a living off of her 7th grade dream job. Which feels nothing like a job because I love every single part of being a photographer. Especially the part of connecting with my AH-mazing clients/new friends!

Now, I can not WAIT to get to know you beautiful people some more! Maybe even at your very own portrait session!!

I love my seniors!!

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