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Grace Carey Photography

March 26, 2021

Hey there friends! I can’t wait to start this new series of “Grace’s Top 5!” A weird thing about me, a quirk, I guess you could call it. I ALWAYS have the temperature in my car and volume ending in a 0 or a 5. If it doesn’t, well like I said it, is always ending in a 0 or 5. No one wants to find out what happens if it’s not. I love any number ending in 5 or 0. Despite the fact that 2 is my favorite number, there’s a reason behind that for another time, though. So, I’ll be sharing some personal and professional top 5’s of mine with you over the course of time!

First up, something that I think will come in real handy for you someday if we have a session together! Are my top 5 favorite location spots! I have been to so many beautiful locations in Mid-Michigan to take portraits for families, seniors and couples. But I finally decided on my top 5 location spots in the Lansing area!! Places of which I have shot at MANY times throughout my journey of photography (so far).

1. Cooley Gardens

A spot that I just recently found because of a client, but instantly fell in love with! Especially as a spot for a senior girl! It’s a small little park right off of 496 in Downtown Lansing, right next to a GM plant, which is also a super cute spot, too. There are so many different little spots that make it look like you’re in five different locations. When in reality, it’s just one tiny (but adorable) little park!

2. Danford Island Park

An absolutely gorgeous spot in the winter! It gives off sweet vibes that are just perfect for two sweethearts or a family of any size. Danford Island Park is in the heart of, what most people from the village of Dimondale call, downtown. It’s truly perfect for any of the four seasons and any type of session!

3. Michigan Capital

I did some of my own senior pictures here, actually! I love the creaminess of the area, and in my opinion it’s especially perfect for seniors. It’s also a place I would totally love to try for a couple and family, too! This senior session with Ethan made me totally obsessed with the spot. The colors compliment SO well!!

4. Williams Hall at MSU

Years ago, I had family pictures here at Williams Hall! It wasn’t until a Senior Session in 2020 did I remember this gorgeous spot. It’s perfect for families and seniors, and there are so many other great spots at Michigan State. But, Williams Hall is definitely my favorite on campus. Plus, there’s free parking right by the cute spots which is a huge bonus, haha!!

5. Old Town

In particular, the river walk on the bridge right under the streets of Old Town. I LOVE to take my senior guys and girls here! It’s just absolutely stunning! The river, sun, all of the above, it’s just gorgeous! In 2020, I can’t tell you how many people I took here, I love it so much! Plus, in the summer, they frequently have bands out playing. The vibe of the area is just so much fun. It really adds so much more to the area! And, if time permits, going to Reo Town is also super fun and cute!

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