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April 9, 2021

It’s coming up on graduation for the senior class! That means that it’s almost the time for the juniors (soon to be seniors) to shine! It’s just about time to start thinking about scheduling your senior session! Senior season is literally one of my FAVORITE seasons!!

When I was a junior, which was two years ago now. I had no idea when to start thinking about my upcoming senior year. I’m here to help take one more thing off of your shoulders!! I’ll give you tips on when to start thinking about your/your child’s senior session. Along with where, when, and all of the above!

1 | Which season do you prefer, summer or fall?

A big part of this is what kind of clothes do you want to wear? If you want to wear a cute sundress or shorts and polo, summer is definitely the way to go! But, if you want leggings and a sweater or khakis and a long sleeve, fall is probably a better time for your senior session. If your ideal location is somewhere like the Country Mill, fall will bring out those colors a lot better! Whereas if your ideal location is a cute park with blossoming flowers like Cooley Gardens, then summertime is my recommendation.

2 | Schedule at least 2 months in advance for your ideal time

First, you should start thinking about where, when, and what you would like! So, if you would like to have a summer senior session, I recommend inquiring about your session in springtime! Whereas, if you’re more interested in a fall senior session, I recommend scheduling your senior session during the summer! Just make sure you know the deadline for the yearbook picture! I see a lot of deadlines in November, so be sure to give some time for that deadline!! This also gives you time to book your spot with your photographer! Because I know that personally, my weekends book up real quick during the spring-fall months!

3 | What a senior session can look like

I understand this feeling, too! It can be an overwhelming thought about getting pictures done professionally and scheduling your senior session! It can be different for every photographer depending on who you choose. But, I can tell you what it’s like being one of my seniors! Sessions are typically 1-2 hours long depending on how many locations you choose to go to! You can choose to either go to one or two locations. No matter what though, you can choose to wear up to three different outfits, something that I HIGHLY recommend doing! (Especially if you’re wanting to post on “Senior Sundays”, it gives a little bit of diversity). We’ll get some great headshots for your yearbook picture, and a bunch of fun shots, too!!

But the best tip that I can give you, that may sound cheesy, but is more true than you realize. Is that the most important thing about your senior session is that it’s all about who YOU are! Choose a spot(s) that you love or that is meaningful to you! It’s all about YOU!! And celebrating all of your hard work throughout grade school and making it to your senior year! Cue the confetti! I can’t wait to (hopefully!!) help serve you and help celebrate your big accomplishments!

If you have any questions about your senior session, do not hesitate to email me or message me over on Facebook messenger!

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